Friday, October 5, 2018

Building a Fast and Powerful Tennis Serve

Illinois attorney Robert Heist, when not working with R. Connor & Associates in Chicago, enjoys golfing and tennis in his spare time. Tennis players like attorney Robert Heist need to have a solid understanding of how to serve in order to perform well, and a major component is serve speed.

While more than sheer speed goes into a good serve, great servers are chiefly evaluated on speed, as it renders balls much more difficult to return. Some of the speed of a serve comes from raw arm strength, but those who already have reasonable arm muscles should look to their technique to improve overall speed.

For a fast, flat serve, a player should toss the ball forward and slightly toward the dominant hand. Tosses should be at a height high enough to allow for full extension, but not high enough to stall the motion.

A good serve also requires extensive coiling of the trunk and shoulders. Players who are flexible enough to show their backs to the opponent during a coil should aim for this, but more generally, a serve should coil the body as much as possible. This engages more muscle groups and provides greater leverage, leading to a more powerful serve.

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